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Call for proposal : EU4PSL – Building Civil Society Organizations capacity in order to support youth’s and women’s economic empowerment and start-up entrepreneurship in Libya

  • 02/10/2019
    Date limite de réponse

EU4PSL is an EU funded project, started as of February 2019, with an aim to improving Libya’s business environment in order to generate economic growth for private sector and job opportunities for youth and for women. This project seeks to assist the Libyan Government and all relevant stakeholders in their efforts to promote the development of an open, dynamic and diversified economy in Libya.

One of the components of EU4PSL aims at building and enhancing the capacities and visibility of CSOs dealing with youth and women empowerment in Libya.

The purpose of the present call for proposal is to identify and select Libyan CSO’s with thematic specialisation and capacity to support women and youth’s economic empowerment.

Expertise France will organise a training to enhance the selected CSOs capacities. Afterward those CSOs will be in charge, for 5 months, to train and help concretely 2 female entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. By being supported by CSOs, entrepreneurs will be able to rely on practical advice and collective help from their network.

This initiative will also provide financial support to be given to entrepreneurs.

Submission deadline: October 2nd, 2019

To apply please visit: