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PRAVO-Justice External Evaluation

  • 25/11/2019
    Date limite de réponse
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Expertise France is seeking applicants for the mid-term review and the final evaluation of the Pravo-Justice project in Ukraine.

The Project
The PRAVO-Justice Project is a part of the two-component programme, which is to assist Ukraine in the ongoing rule of law reforms by providing necessary technical resources, equipment and capacity building for sustainable reform and effective implementation of the relevant sector strategic documents (including JSRSAP). The Project, implemented by Expertise France through the delegated management mode, provides support to justice sector reforms in line with the regular policy dialogue between the EU and the Ukrainian authorities. The project started in December 2017 and will implement activities until December 2020.

Objectives of the Project
The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to the improved performance of Justice Sector Institutions (JSIs) in line with European and international good practices, so that the Ukrainian population will benefit from the fairness and certainty of results of justice-related processes in Ukraine. 

Specific objectives of the Project include:

  • Specific Objective 1: Improve the management of justice sector reforms by strengthening capacity of relevant JSIs for strategic planning, medium-term budgeting as well as the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of reform implementation in the sector.
  • Specific objective 2: Strengthen the independence, efficiency, quality, integrity and transparency of the judiciary and the citizens' access to a fair trial.
  • Specific objective 3: Enhance the enforcement of court decisions: In criminal cases, by establishing an effective system of probation which contributes to reducing the re-offending rate; in civil and administrative cases by increasing the efficiency of enforcement officers (state and private) and improving the foreseeability of property rights.
  • Specific objective 4: Providing the necessary support for the development and implementation of an IT-strategy in the justice sector and for the piloting or roll-out of e-justice solutions.

Objectives of the Assignment
The overall objective of this assignment is to perform a mid-term and final review of the Project in order to assess the overall level of achievement of the objectives and results, the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, as well as impact and sustainability of the Project (to the extent possible at the mid-term stage, with a full assessment at the final stage), and to provide recommendations for the implementation during the second half of the Project (at the mid-term stage) as well as recommendations for potential follow-up actions (at the final stage).

To submit an application, please visit the following page and submit a tender by November 25, 2019 9:00.