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CALL FOR PROPOSALS - Increase awareness on Corruption and Access to information (Act_Lebanon/2019:CFP1)

  • 06/01/2020
    Date limite de réponse
  • Subvention

In the framework of the Anti-corruption and transparency ‘Act’ project, funded by the European Union, Expertise France is launching a Call for Proposals to Increase awareness on Corruption and Access to Information in Lebanon.

Applicants must submit their full application using Part B of the grant application form annexed to these guidelines (Annex A).

This Call for Proposals is directed to consortiums of Lebanese NGOs or CSOs and aims at:

  1. Raising public awareness on corruption, lack of transparency and providing the tools and knowhow to overcome their consequences.
  2. Working on adjoining efforts in order to advance the fight against corruption.
  3. Addressing corruption and the lack of transparency using good governance and risk prevention in Lebanon.
  4. Tackling the lack of transparency by promoting the Access to Information law and the previous efforts made towards implementing it.
  5. Producing a positive, pro-active, and tangible approach to promoting a more transparent control of public spending. 
  6.  Engaging diverse media outlets in the ongoing efforts invested in the fight against corruption.



Documents to be completed

  • Annex A : Grant Application Form
  • Annex B : Budget
  • Annex C : Logical Framework
  • Annex D Legal Entity File
  • Annex E : Financial Identification Form


Documents for Information

Annex F : Daily allowance rates (per diem), available at the following address:

Annex G : Grand Contract (and General Conditions)

  • Annex I Contract award rules
  • Annex II Standard request for payment
  • Annex III Model narrative and financial report

a) Interim narrative report

b) Final narrative report

c) Financial report

  • Annex IV: Model report of factual findings and terms of reference for an expenditure verification